Business model

7.0 mn t PURCHASE 60.6 mn t PRODUCTION IN RUSSIA 1.7 mn t INTERNATIONAL PRODUCTION mn t 3.8 INTERNATIONAL REFINING PURCHASE OF PETROLEUM PRODUCTS 4 .8 mn t 15.3 mn t EXPORT 3.5 mn t OTHER CONSUMERS AND PUBLIC PROCUREMENT 18 .2 mn t PETROLEUM PRODUCTS SUPPLIERS (FILLING STATIONS AND TANK FARMS) 2.4 mn t AVIATION 3 .2 mn t BUNKER FUEL 1.8 mn t BITUMEN 0.7 mn t PETROCHEMICAL PRODUCTS LUBRICANTS 0 .2 mn t PRODUCT BUSINESS UNITS 8.3 mn t 38.8 mn t REFINING IN RUSSIA Less sales from joint ventures (~1.3 mn TOE) 68.0 mn t TOE HYDROCARBONS EXPORT RUSSIAN FEDERATION 12.5 mn t 11 .8 mn t Excluding a 0.4 mn t adjustment in reserves (total petroleum product output is always less than total refining output) 45.3 mn t TOTAL YIELD OF PETROLEUM The difference of 1 mn TOE between the hydrocarbon production and refining and sales is due to an adjustment in reserves and internal consumption 24.3 mn t SALES OF HYDROCARBONS PRODUCTS FUEL