Company Strategy:

New opportunities
to increase shareholder value

The Gazprom Neft 2025 development strategy was approved in May 2013. The document kept the goals set out in the 2020 strategy, and further developed the ways to deliver them in key business areas (hydrocarbon production, refining, and sales), while taking into account the changing industry environment and the state of the global economy. It also sets a key goal for the period from 2020 to 2025 – to maintain the scale of the business achieved by 2020. Today, the Company is building its exploration and production project portfolio and anticipates a plateau in hydrocarbon production from 2020. Therefore its goal of offsetting any further decline in production from its aging fields and to sustain the production level at 100 million tonnes of oil equivalent is just as ambitious as the 2020 plans. In the refining and sales segment, the Company remains focused on modernising its refining facilities and maximising sales of its petroleum product output through its own premium-class distribution channels.

Goal-oriented business vision

By implementing the plans in the 2025 Strategy, Gazprom Neft will create the highest return on shareholder capital in the Russian oil and gas industry.