Key Financial Indicators1

Sales revenue, mn RUB
+2.8 %


Adjusted Net profit before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisationEBITDA, mn RUB
+4.2 %


Net income relating to Gazprom Neft, mn RUB
+0.9 %


Net cash from operations, mn RUB
+11.7 %


Hydrocarbon reserves (International classification and estimate of hydrocarbon reserves by the standards of the Petroleum Resources Management System (PRMS) and US Securities and Exchange Committee (SEC). These standards include not only the estimate of hydrocarbon reserves, but also provide the estimate of the commercial practicability of extraction and the justifiability of its availability. The period of economically viable reserve development (period of validity of the development licence) is also taken into accountPRMS-SPE), mn TOE
+11.9 %


Hydrocarbon production, mn TOE
+4.3 %


Oil refining at own refineries, mn t
+0.9 %


Sales of petroleum products, mn t
+3.9 %


1 Since January 01, 2013, Gazprom Neft has been applying a number of new IFRS standards, such as: IFRS 10 “Consolidated Financial Statements”, IFRS 11 “Joint Arrangements”, and IFRS 12 “Disclosure of Interests in Other Entities”. As a result of the application of these standards, particularly IFRS 11 “Joint Arrangements”, the Group replaced the method of equity share in Tomskneft and SPD by the proportional consolidation of assets and liabilities with respect to these companies.
The operational information was restated (including previous periods) so that it can be compared with the financial information. Detailed information on the application of IFRS 11 is available in Note 2 to the consolidated financial statements for the year ended December 31, 2013.

2 IFRS financial indicators (RUB statements).

3 US GAAP financial indicators (USD statements). Yearly indicators are expressed in RUB at an average annual exchange rate. Year-end indicators are expressed in RUB at the exchange rate as of the date.

4 The Capital Investment figure is subject to changes in the advance payments and capital project materials.

The Report may contain inaccuracies relating to share, percentage, and amounts calculation due to rounding estimate values. The data presented in the Annual Report may insignificantly deviate from the previously published data due to rounding differences of the values.