In addition to its own refining capacity, Gazprom Neft has access to refining capacity at the Yaroslavl refinery (YANOS), and the Mozyr refinery, located in the Republic of Belarus.


As a shareholder of OJSC Slavneft Oil and Gas Company, Gazprom Neft has a proportional share of the refining capacity of OJSC Slavneft-Yaroslavnefteorgsintez. OJSC Slavneft-Yaroslavnefteorgsintez (YaNOS) produces fuel and lubricants using a deep crude oil refining system, which ranks fifth among Russian refineries in terms of primary processing volumes. The refinery’s installed annual capacity is 15.0 million tonnes of crude oil.

YaNOS’ main products are Euro 5 high-octane automotive gasoline and diesel fuels, aviation jet fuels, aromatic hydrocarbons, bitumen, oils, and paraffin wax products.

After a diesel hydrotreatment unit was put into operation at the beginning of 2013, the plant switched over to the production of Euro 5 diesel fuels and discontinued its production of domestic furnace fuel.

In 2013, primary refining by YaNOS was 15.0 million tonnes and Gazprom Neft’s share was 7.5 million tonnes (50%). Refining depth was 65.86% in 2013, and light petroleum products comprised 55.77% of total output.

Mozyr Refinery

The Mozyr refinery is located in the south of the Republic of Belarus near the Ukrainian border. The refinery’s installed annual primary refining capacity is 12.031 million tonnes of crude oil.

The plant's main product lines are automotive gasoline, including high-octane A-92, A-95 (Euro 4, Euro 5), lighting kerosene, diesel fuel (Euro 5), etc. The Mozyr refinery refined a total of 11.054 million tonnes of oil stock in 2013 (11.0 million tonnes of oil and 53,400 tonnes of raw hydrocarbons). Refining depth was 71.31%.

The Company refines oil at the Mozyr refinery through its subsidiary, FLLC Gazpromneft-Belnefteprodukt. The light oil products output is marketed through its own sales network and exported to Ukraine and Poland. Fuel oil is delivered to Baltic ports for transhipment. In 2013, Belnefteprodukt refined 1.05 million tonnes of oil at the Mozyr refinery.

Source: Company data

Source: Company data