The development of an internal communications system is critical for promoting corporate culture, ensuring transparency and openness of the Company’s activities and maintaining a dialogue between management and employees.


The Uniform Communication Platform project, which envisages the development of a multi-service management model for Gazprom Neft corporate portals, won a Best Intranet Russia 2013 intranet-solution award – it was the winner in the Corporate Management category. The implementation of the project will result in the creation of a user-friendly intranet environment enabling the Company to focus on the general business priorities of Gazprom Neft and its subsidiaries and to strengthen avenues of dialogue with employees.

Annual surveys monitoring the corporate social and psychological climate, are used to shape the information content distributed via internal communication channels. The survey includes interviews with top managers, focus groups, and a wide survey of employees in the Corporate Center and subsidiaries. In 2013, the survey covered 32 enterprises and approximately 9,000 employees. The research findings helped develop action plans for each subsidiary.

The Company’s internal communication channels include: a range of corporate media, staff meetings with Gazprom Neft management, feedback tools, corporate activities and sports events, corporate parties, competitions, and other similar events.

Corporate media channels include the Company’s official website and the websites of its subsidiaries, the intranet portals of Gazprom Neft enterprises, Siberian Oil corporate magazine and the Neftegazeta periodical newspaper. This newspaper publishes both corporate-wide materials and information concerning particular enterprises and businesses. In 2013, Gazprom Neft-Aero launched a 24-hour corporate radio station which is broadcast to all branches and subsidiaries.

The Company actively uses a range of feedback tools to maintain a dialogue between management and employees. The Company has a corporate hotline and an ‘Ask Your Manager’ section on the intranet portals of the Corporate Center and subsidiaries, and information kiosks are installed to collect questions for management from employees who have no access to the corporate network.